Your weekly dose of sunshine. The global go-to invite-only marketplace. BlueSkyFriday is a friend-to-friend trading platform for trusted members.


Yes, please contact BlueSkyFriday here if you would like to update your email address on your account.

BlueSkyFriday will be hosting some fun events throughout the year. Some events will be open to Founding Members only. If you are interested in becoming a Founding Member please email us at

Yes, BlueSkyFriday is always interested in your ideas for events. Please email us at

BlueSkyFriday is an invite-only marketplace, network and weekly Friday email, where members can promote, sell and buy goods and services from homes and villas to art, experiences, tickets, jobs and more.

BlueSkyFriday was founded to create the go-to virtual invite only marketplace with a multi-generational and global reach. The network is based around a belief in blue sky, creativity and entrepreneurship. We give back to charities who align with our ethos.

BlueSkyFriday is a platform for members to post items for sale or hire and offer services. Members' posts will be posted on our website and a selection will be featured in the weekly Friday BlueSkyFriday email. As a seller you will pay BlueSkyFriday a commission percentage on your transaction.

Yes. There are currently two tiers of membership: Founding Membership and Standard Membership. Founders pay £1000 to join and get 4 free posts a year, special invites to events & more flexibility on inviting people to join the BlueSkyFriday Community. Regular members sign up for free and pay to post.







You will need to be recommended by an existing member to join BlueSkyFriday. Please go to the Sign Up page on our website and fill out the registration form along with their details to apply.

BlueSkyFriday welcomes everyone! We love blue sky lovers, explorers, creators, visionaries, travel lovers, art lovers, fun-seekers, spiritualists, deep thinkers, honesty, kindness and mindfulness.

We will be hosting a number of BlueSkyFriday events throughout the year which support bees, trees and mental ease. This could be, for example, a meditation practice, a yoga class, a beekeeping course or a chance to plant trees in an area of outstanding natural beauty. Donations from members for these events will go straight to our affiliated charities.

BlueSkyFriday looks for honesty, kindness and transparency in all our members.  To ensure trust is maintained, members are accountable for who they refer. Please refer to the Membership Guidelines for further information.

BlueSkyFriday welcomes everyone. We are building a network of trusted people who can bring value to the BlueSkyFriday platform. Please refer to our Membership Guidelines for further information.

We are offering ten Member Referrals to each member in the first month after BlueSkyFriday launches. Thereafter invitations are limited depending on membership type.

Founding Members will receive free posts for life, prioritised posting, invitations to special events, the ability to shape our platform by recommending/inviting/referring members and more exciting/special benefits.

BlueSkyFriday is always interested to hear from potential partners. We look for partners who will add value to our community/might like to share their products & services on our platform or host an event. If you own a business or a charity or would like to recommend one please email us at

Please email us at

We charge for posts on a pay-what-you-can basis.

Once a post has led to a successful transaction, you can pay your commission via the link on your account page.

Commission is to be paid immediately after the sale of an item has been completed via your account page. 

We do the best we can to make sure your posts are online as quickly as possible.

In the unlikely event that this happens, we’ll email you to let you know why.

You can post the same item twice in one year.

By agreeing to sell something through BlueSkyFriday, you automatically agree to the Terms & Conditions of the commission structure. Click here to see the full commission structure list.

It will always be at the seller’s discretion to decide on which buyer to go with and at what price. We trust our members to act in good faith. If you feel that has not been done, please get in touch and we will do our best to ensure good faith has occurred and where relevant, review applicants conduct and who referred their membership.

On the BlueSkyFriday platform any communication or negotiation you have is directly with the buyer. BlueSkyFriday provides a platform where goods are sold but it is not responsible for the quality of those goods. We trust our members to act in good faith. If you feel that has not been done, please get in touch and we will review applicants conduct. We will remove any members who do not comply with our community guidelines.

When you purchase anything promoted on the BSF platform, any communication or negotiation is always directly with the seller. If there is a problem, you need to speak directly with them. Our commitment is to ensure that our community is a trusting and supportive space so if you do experience any difficulties, please email us . We will remove any members who do not comply with our community guidelines.

Yes, you can edit your posts in the Manage Post area of the website. Each time you edit your post it will need to be approved, so please consider this before submitting changes.

Please contact us if you would like a post to be taken down.

Please refer to our Posting Guidelines.

Posts will be active for a limited period of time or until you check your post as sold. You can turn on the ‘sold’ tab in the Manage Post area of the website. Once your item is sold other members will no longer be able to contact you about your item but will still be able to read about it. We’ll then send you a commission invoice.

Posts are charged on a pay-what-you-can basis. 

Yes. Please write to us at and we'll be in touch!

We would love to hear your feedback. BlueSkyFriday is a brand new platform so it is inevitable that there will be room for improvement at the start! We will always welcome your feedback, thoughts and ideas.